Our Fees

There is a current trend within the motor trade to add ‘fees’ on the advertised price. To my mind, this is wrong. Garages advertise a car at a reduced price to get customers interested in their product, and when they come to the point of buying, they hit them with an ‘Administration Fee’, by which time, the customers often feel that they can’t say no. The fee is to cover things like valeting, provenance checking, advertising and computer paper! These are all things that, in my opinion, should be paid for by the dealer, without question. At Alyn Brewis, we do not charge an ‘Administration Fee’ on the price of our cars.

However, some customers are introduced to us by an online finance company (where customers have arranged their funding online, and the finance company have recommended dealers that supply cars to them). These finance companies charge us a fee for introducing them to us, and on these occasions, we reserve the right to add the fees onto the invoice amount.

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