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In 1984 Alyn left school to work for House of Hardy in Alnwick, the World renowned fishing tackle manufacturer. In 1986 he answered a local newspaper advert for a trainee car salesman in Berwick upon Tweed. Granted an interview, as luck would have it, the owner was a very keen fisherman, and all that was talked about was fishing! He got the job, and at 18 years old, his career in the Motor Trade began. All these years later, he is still doing a job that he absolutely loves. His company is the epitome of a family business, with wife, son and daughter all working together in harmony! Hugely respected within the motor trade for his old fashioned, customer focused principles, Alyn is extremely proud of the success that his team have achieved, winning awards on a regular basis. His ethos is simple but effective; if you are fair with people, they will come back. It takes a long time to get a good reputation, but you can get a bad one very quickly, and Alyn’s is up there with the best.

In 2008, aged 16 Dan left school and started to learn his trade as a mechanic, and has been in Alyn’s workshop, Wansbeck Service Centre, ever since. Developing his skills along the way, he has the family business at heart, and treats the service department as his own, helping out all of the team to make sure that their customers are well looked after, and loves to build up the relationship them so that they don’t want to go anywhere else. He is also known as Stan, after a long standing customer asked his name during his first visit and mistook his answer of ‘It’s Dan’ as ‘Stan’ He has not had the heart to correct him, even after all these years! Whether it is a straightforward oil and filter change, or a full engine replacement, Dan takes everything in his stride. Early starts, late finishes, weekends, Dan will do whatever to get through our workload.

Dan - Alyn Brewis
David - Alyn Brewis

David has 40+ years motor trade experience, from mechanic, to salesman, to Sales Manager and Company Director. He now runs his own company, but oversees the workshop on a part time basis for Alyn. Their friendship goes back 30 years, when Alyn lived in Alnwick but sold Vauxhall in Morpeth, and David lived in Morpeth but sold Ford in Alnwick; they would pass each other and flash their headlights in acknowledgement on their way into work each morning, and would buy stock from each other. Their paths continued to cross for many years, and although enjoying semi-retirement, David was only too happy to offer advice to Alyn as his workshop grew, to the point that he became a permanent fixture 3 days a week as Alyn’s right hand man. David also covers the sales department when Alyn is on holiday, as he too has the same customer focused attitude, ensuring that the company reputation is maintained.

James came to us when we moved to temporary premises just around the corner from his home, looking for a Saturday job as he was still at school. There wasn’t really a vacancy, but James came across very well, and Alyn found a role for him keeping the cars clean and well presented. After leaving school, he found that he wasn’t enjoying his college course, so a conversation was had between James and Alyn, which culminated him being offered a customer services apprenticeship within the company. Under Alyn’s careful guidance, he has become a much valued member of the team, pretty much running the sales side of things which allows Alyn to concentrate on the buying/selling/marketing of the business. Being able to fully understand the ethos of the business at such a young age is testament to his character.

James - Alyn Brewis
Lynne - Alyn Brewis

A couple of years later as the business was growing progressively, Alyn’s wife, Lynne left her job as School receptionist to take over the accounts side of the business, primarily ensuring that the workshop and sales administration were in pristine order. As no-one knows Alyn’s business ethics better, Lynne is ideally placed to be the perfect business partner! Lynne has Wansbeck Service Centre at her heart, and looks on it as her baby, certainly the administration/accounting side of things. Maintaining great relationships with our suppliers is a priority, as is keeping all things correct with the paperwork, which in turn keeps the VAT man/ Tax man happy! Being as conscientious as she is, nothing slips through the net and there are no headaches for customers or suppliers. She is such a personable character and takes a great interest in all colleagues lives, both work life and home life. She is always on hand to offer guidance and support. And she make a fantastic cup of tea!

Matty joined us in 2021 as an apprentice Technician. Matty was well known to us as he started his apprenticeship at one of the MOT testing stations that we use, and his parents were customers’ of Alyn’s. Highly regarded at his college, Matty is a quiet lad who is keen to learn and understands that doing things the right way is the only way of doing things. He would rather lean on his colleagues than crack on and make a mistake. A well liked member of staff, the team have high hopes that Matty will develop into a top technician as his experience develops. Cars are his passion, and he has always wanted to be a mechanic, and a hands on one at that: getting stuck in and not just doing the basics. He communicates well with our customers, and is excellent at explaining the work that is required to carry out their requests, therefore fulfilling the company requirements of transparency and customer care.

Matty - Alyn Brewis
Paul - Alyn Brewis

Paul joined the company as a valeter in 2008 and he expressed his desire to progress into the workshop side. An ambitious person, Paul has proven to be an absolutely vital and loyal member of the team, and fully understands Alyn’s ethos of customer satisfaction and care; he is always first in, and organises his day and the Wansbeck Service Centre workload to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it can. Even during testing times, he rarely gets flustered and keeps a calm and level head, and customers appreciate his laid back but professional attitude. He takes all that is thrown at him in his stride. Like Dan, Paul will always do whatever it takes to get the jobs finished; late finishes, early starts, Saturdays, Sundays, that is why he is he so highly regarded within the company.

In January 2021, after years of pestering her parents, Rebecca finally joined the company as Administration Manager, a role that encompasses all of the behind the scenes activities of the business; bringing cars into stock, advertising them online, all sales administration and accounting and taking a huge amount of work load off Alyn. Having helped out periodically in the past, she is already familiar with the ethos of the business, and is already proving to be a huge asset (her words!) to the company. Having worked in admin since she left school at 17, her years of experience has helped us to streamline our processes. She absolutely loves dogs, so if you bring your dog to our show room, she will be more than happy to dog sit while you look around.

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