Why Buy From Us?

If you haven’t bought a car from Alyn Brewis in the past 36 years, you will probably know very little about his business. As well as clicking on the ‘About Us’ tab, read on to learn about the person and the business that you may deal with in the future.

I am very ‘Customer Satisfaction’ focused. I don’t just want to sell someone one car, I want them to come back when their car is due to be replaced, or has been written off, or when their son / daughter / grandson / daughter / niece / nephew needs a car. A very wise and fantastic businessman (my Dad) always told me ‘if you are fair with people, they will come back’. And that is very, very true. I started selling cars in 1986, and even 30-odd years later, I still have some of my very first customers coming back to me. Indeed, some are into their third generation of family who are buying their cars from me. Trust is the key.

Reviews are vitally important to any business in this day and age. Please have a look at ours on Facebook (Alyn Brewis Nice-Cars), Google, AutoTrader and CarGurus. CarGurus was set up by the founder of TripAdvisor, where reviews are the lifeblood of the holiday and leisure industry. I am delighted to say that we are a 5* CarGurus Dealer, and that my award from them sits proudly in the sales office. Receiving that was definitely the proudest moment of my career, as it recognised all the hard work that the team have put in to ensure that our customers rate us highly.

The key to it all, I believe, is not in the selling of my cars, it is in the buying. Anyone who has never sold cars before could quite simply go to an auction, buy as many cars as they want, take them home and sell them at a profit. However, I never go to auctions as even I could get my fingers burnt. It is well known within the trade that there is a percentage of cars that go to auction for a reason; that there is something wrong with them. Therefore, it is Russian Roulette. I only buy from people that I know and trust; people within the trade that I have dealt with over the years. They know the standard of the cars that I sell, so if a part exchange wouldn’t qualify as ‘Alyn Brewis Approved’, then they don’t even bother offering it to me. When they are recommending their own customers to me because they don’t have a suitable vehicle in stock, they know that my cars aren’t going to reflect badly on their recommendation. I generally turn down more than I buy. That, to me, is the skill in my job; buying the right cars. There is no substitute for experience.

We can’t make a used car new, but we try to get it as good as we can. When customers are browsing from garage to garage, I want them to think that mine are nicer than they have seen elsewhere. I have even had customers comment that mine are better presented than at main dealers that they have visited (I have seen that first-hand myself). The dent man is here every week, and the smart repairer is here twice a week to ensure that my cars are in a condition that should exceed expectations.

We also aim to have the vast majority of our stock ‘Ready2Go’, meaning that they have been through the workshop and are fully prepared, ready for immediate delivery. So if you need a car quickly, we should be able to assist. Even if your desired vehicle isn’t ‘Ready2Go’, it will be prioritised to ensure it is ready in the shortest possible time.

We use AutoProtect for our warranties, and have done so since 2004. They are a multi-national company that provides warranties and insurance products across the UK, Europe and South America. In short, they are a brand that I trust. It is obvious that had I felt that the warranty cover that they provide was causing friction with my customers and, in turn, reflecting badly on me, then I wouldn’t have used them for so long. A customer is not obliged to return their car to us for warranty work, as any VAT registered dealer can make a warranty claim. This is becoming more important as my customers are not just local to me, with many coming from much further afield, so the convenience of using a garage local to them in the event of a warranty issue is extremely helpful. To make things even easier, AutoProtect have an agreement with Halfords Autocentres to carry out any warranty work on a self-authorisation basis – another way that we make the whole experience hassle-free, and give our customers total peace of mind.

We are a family-run business. My wife and son both work here and my daughter looks after my social media content, so we are very much a hands-on team.

Alyn Brewis is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means that we are approved to provide finance to our customers. The FCA’s principle is Treating Customers Fairly, which is absolutely the way it should be. Yes, we can provide the finance for your purchase, subject to status, but you won’t find us ‘selling’ finance to you. We want you to buy our car so we don’t mind where the money comes from. If you can arrange funding at a cheaper rate, it isn’t going to jeopardise the transaction, as it would in some other dealerships. We use both prime and sub-prime lenders, so whether your credit rating is good or poor, we have the ability to point you in the right direction.

The majority of our cars are inside a lovely, dry, bright, indoor showroom. So if it is tipping it down outside, you will be fine. I don’t know of another used car showroom that is as big as ours anywhere in the North East. And maybe even further afield!

I firmly believe that buying a car from us will be the most laid-back and hassle-free experience that you have encountered. I hate being ‘sold to’, so you will get none of that from us!

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